There is a reason that the old adage “no man is an island” has proven relevant for centuries—success is a collaborative endeavor. That principle is only becoming more and more relevant in today’s increasingly connected society. Some of the most successful individuals in every industry—the private lending space included—owe their development to solid networking channels built over time.

Having been involved in the California private lending industry for over a century, the professionals at F.E. Forbes know a thing or two about networking. Here are just a few of the tremendous benefits of networking and how they contribute to consistent improvement:


It pays to listen. More specifically, it pays to listen to other people involved in the same profession, exchange ideas, and insights. That pool of information is the breeding ground for evolutionary concepts. Every person brings a unique perspective to the table, and active networking allows you to exchange these groundbreaking ideas whilst simultaneously building lasting professional connections built on mutual trust.

Name Recognition

Building a strong brand that your peers and customers alike associate with quality services and consistent value is both the most challenging and worthwhile endeavor for private lending organizations today. Nothing catches the attention of the public more than a company that has unique capabilities coupled with the ability to forge key industry partnerships. Adding value while networking allows companies to leverage their influence and garner positive recognition.

New Opportunities

The more connections you make as a private lender, the more chances you have to grow and expand your influence in the industry. Whether it is meeting the right clients or connecting with experienced individuals to mentor and guide your organization as it continues to grow, actively networking leads to opportunities for advancement and development. Meeting different people who have experienced success and learning from their journey is a great way to optimize your business operations.

There are a number of great networking events in the private lending industry. Here is a closer look at a few opportunities that the F.E. Forbes team has found particularly productive over the years, allowing us to continually improve and grow as an organization:

Geraci Innovate Conference

This industry-leading conference connects lenders, brokers, investors and service providers alike, facilitating networking opportunities for these professionals to expand their businesses and explore the up-and-coming trends in the private lending industry. The overall aim is to equip lenders with firsthand insights from executives and experienced professionals regarding all pertinent industry news and developments. The annual event also provides a wealth of opportunities to build new connections using an innovative smartphone app to set meetings and take part in guided networking breaks.

Geraci Captivate Conference

The private lending industry is driven by deal flow. The chance to build mutually beneficial partnerships and develop sustainable professional relationships is essential for long-term growth and profitability. Geraci Conferences’ Captivate event is meant to draw attendees who are prepared to fund and close their next round of transactions. Captivate allows lenders to leverage new connections with high net-worth individuals (HNWIs), brokers, developers, and service providers to propel their organizations forward and set them up for consistent success down the road. The event connects hundreds of highly regarded industry professionals in a dynamic setting to openly discuss, learn and network around one of the most essential topics in the industry: capital.

American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) Conference

The AAPL annual conference is the longest consecutively held and widely attended conference in the industry. Every year AAPL hosts the event at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas that includes certification classes, informative panels and interactive roundtables that set up lenders for success. AAPL carefully curates topics and speakers to add tangible value to attendees’ business operations. The content is intended to inspire, inform and prepare lending professionals to take advantage of effective strategies and tactics to take their companies to the next level of success.

California Mortgage Association (CMA) Events

The CMA provides a broad range of educational opportunities multiple times a year to keep lenders updated on breaking industry trends, legislative developments and sustainable business practices. The CMA is committed to the ongoing education of California-licensed private money lenders as well as the collective preservation of the industry via legislative review and advocacy initiatives.

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