<strong>Top Real Estate Investment Industry Trends You Need to Know About</strong>

With 2023 approaching fast, the question on every real estate investor’s mind is how they can best adjust their strategy to sustain profitability over the next year and set themselves up for long-term success. The national real estate market over the past few years has been characterized by increased volatility and widespread uncertainty—making it essential […]

<strong>Using Private Money Loans for Specialty Purpose Businesses & Assets</strong>

Using Private Money Loans for Specialty Purpose Businesses & Assets

Obtaining reliable funding for commercial real estate transactions can be quite the hassle, regardless of what industry you are in. You can be an established corporation operating in a relatively stable sector, but banks will still have you fill out seemingly endless documentation to prove that you have the financial viability to repay the loan. […]

What Borrowers Need to Know About the Exit Strategy

What Borrowers Need to Know About the Exit Strategy

Investors commonly lock-in a private money loan for a real estate project with the end-goal of acquiring an optimally-priced asset, making needed renovations and then quickly cashing out for profit. This exit strategy approach sounds like a fairly simple process, but there are certain scenarios where it can be challenging to refinance the loan—which can […]

Buying Out Family-Owned Real Estate Assets

Individuals whose parents or close family members own rental or commercial properties, could potentially inherit these assets. While the smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next is a common goal for real estate investors, the process becomes more nuanced if there are multiple siblings sharing ownership interests in an indivisible asset like […]

The Importance of Networking in Private Lending

There is a reason that the old adage “no man is an island” has proven relevant for centuries—success is a collaborative endeavor. That principle is only becoming more and more relevant in today’s increasingly connected society. Some of the most successful individuals in every industry—the private lending space included—owe their development to solid networking channels […]

Risk Management Tips for Lenders

There is always an inherent risk associated with the lending process. Circumstances can change at the least expected times that present serious issues for all parties involved. Accordingly, lenders need to be proactive in taking steps to mitigate foreseeable risks so they can provide their clients with financing options whilst simultaneously shielding their investor base […]

Understanding the Difference Between Consumer Purpose & Business Purpose Loans

For real estate investors considering financing options for their next project, it is important to understand the distinction between business and consumer purpose loans as there are notable federal and state regulations associated with both types of funding that could impact their effectiveness. The inherent complexities of different loan types can often be confusing and […]

Bridge Loans: An Effective Financing Solution

It’s a common predicament many homeowners and real estate investors experience. The time comes to purchase a new property due to a killer deal, new employment opportunity, seeking more square footage or some other reason. They kick-off their house hunting and find the perfect property. In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, buyers simply can’t afford […]